Fitbit Wireless Trackers: Marriage of Simplicity and Functionality!

Fitness and keeping track of how fit you are has become essential in today’s world. This is where the Fitbit range of trackers come in. The Fitbit One Wireless Tracker 2012 is a replacement of the original tracker by the same company. It is device to measure wellness. Sized at half of the original clip and has a solid design.



Fitbit Zip Wireless Tracker 2012 is an affordable and economical this piece is designed to look cute and work well. This tracker can be used by putting in one single battery(the kind used in watches). After a new battery is put it you can expect this device to track your movements for months before you even need to think of changing batteries. The color range and interactive features make the Zip an attractive, economical and useful entrant into the range of Fitbit Wireless Devices.




The entire range of Fitbit Wireless Trackers are something that you will find yourself attracted to for several reasons. They are cute to look at, have several whimsical features, technically sound and will definitely push you to take your health and the management of health a top priority. These are designed to function on the way you actually live your life, and this means that these devices from Fitbit offer a great choice as far as usage and cost.





The Zip and one are cute pebbles backed by the best and latest 3D sensor to detect motion, counting of steps taken, stairs that have been climbed as well as calories expended. You can judge quality of slumber. All this data will be available with easy and colorful display. You can use the Bluetooth 4.0 to send the information to Iphone or android device or to your Personal computer. This is supported by the Fitbit’s web technology to give you a complete idea of your daily fitness.