Five Great tips to secure your Cloud data

Following the leak of hundreds of nude photos purportedly belonging to Hollywood celebrities online, everyone’s attention is back on cloud – who all are using it, what data has been stored on cloud and how it should be deleted immediately, because nothing is safe on cloud. But it doesn’t make any sense to blame the digital service. After all, you do not leave your house unlocked and then blame the thief if he robs your house…so the same thing happens with the cloud. Here are five simple and efficient tips that ensure your data is secure on Cloud.

Great tips to secure your Cloud data

1.Avoid storing confidential data on Cloud

This is the first important thing to note. Nothing is 100% safe on internet; you may not know when a hacker would find a way to crack your account. So try to keep your personal information like your credit card or bank accounts away from the virtual world or use appropriate solutions. Also if you don’t want embarrassing photos to be leaked online, use an encrypted flash drive that only you know the password to

2. Backup Your Data Locally

When it comes to managing data it is a good practice to keep backup of your cloud data locally so that in case cloud services go down due to some reason you still have access to your data. You can backup your data in an external drive or device that has lots of storage space.

In addition to the local backup, off-site services like CrashPlan and Backblaze also allow you backup your data.

3. Use strong passwords

As the first line of defense against cyber criminals out there, make sure that your password is strong enough and difficult for a hacker to crack. There are lots of tips that help you in creating a strong and unique password. Also, make it a practice to change it frequently and avoid using the same password across all your online accounts.

Alternatively, you can use two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of protection to your online accounts. With two-step verification, a unique code is sent to your phone or email address and you need to input this code to access your account.

4. Consider encryption

Encryption is absolutely necessary to secure your data. So, even if a hacker gets access to your cloud data, he/she will not be able to extract any meaningful information from it because decryption of data is quite a time consuming job and is difficult for the hackers.

5. Be careful about your actions online

Sometimes, the security of your cloud data depends on your actions online, especially public computers. When using unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots, don’t ever save your password and ensure that you logged out of your account after you have finished your job. Saving your password and leaving it logged in will make it easy for hackers on the same network to access your data.