Former Director of Google Glass Babak Parvis Jumps to Amazon

Dr. Babak Parviz, creator of Google Glass and  a smart contact lens project appears to have left the Mountain View corporation in favor of Amazon.

Parviz had made this announcement on his Google+ page that simply said, “Status: super excited,” followed by a smiling emoticon and a picture of Amazon’s logo. Earlier, Parvis was a researcher at University of Washington where he developed the first contact lenses with integrated circuits. Later, he worked with Microsoft on research for blood-glucose monitoring contacts with Microsoft, a project he eventually brought to Google.

It’s not clear about what he’ll be doing with Amazon, but projects like Google’s Tango, the Oculus Rift and Amazon’s Fire phone and Firefly app have made optic designers a hot commodity. He mentions plans for other things, but it’s unclear whether he means within Amazon or elsewhere.