Free Cucusoft Net Guard [Review and Download]

Cucusoft Net Guard is free software that can keep track of broadband usage and ensure good Internet speed, eliminate malware which wreck your bandwidth, and also give you a detailed monthly snapshot of your Broadband Usage.  Commercially this type of software is priced at $30 or maybe for a higher price. The chances are that it may not even have these many features like Cucusoft Net Guard.

It also has a strong Bandwidth monitor and Bandwidth meter to enable you to detect who is misusing or making improper use of your bandwidth.  You may have come across this instance several times that you are not surfing the net but there is some software that you are not aware of which is consuming the Broadband in your computer. In an ordinary circumstance you may not even realize that this is happening or for that matter how to control this or to do away with this useless program which is swallowing your bandwidth.

These programs that you are not aware of, may also disturb your regular Internet browsing and end up jacking up the Broadband Bill, which then you have to shell out for. This strange software may even make your Broadband Bill go over the given limit and you end up having to pay more. You can use, it to do away with these issues.

It makes it easy to keep an overall eye on your broadband status, to discover the users of your broadband, to what extent they are using your bandwidth, and many more detailed figures, and this will help you make the right moves once you have looked at the details on the report.  You get the final say on who gets to use your Broadband and how much.

As a matter of fact, Cucusoft Net Guard has many facets which not have been detailed here; these include Powerful Graphic Bandwidth Usage Report, bandwidth usage over limit Notification, bandwidth usage prediction, and broadband speed test.

Additional feature in this edition: Version 2.1.3 is a bug-fixing release.

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