Free Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer [Review and Download]

Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer provides many of the established picture-changing functions and some supportive features. Admittedly most of these features are not new; Fly Free offers a steady performer making it a viable option to more expensive options, considering it is free of cost. Considering it is free it does offer quite a lot of useful features to work on visuals and images.

Operating and navigating the program’s interface is intuitive and very familiar to use. The slick and professional-looking design adds to the efficiency and simple to use features. The functions on Fly Free feel natural due to the fact that these features have been seen on many other photo and image editing programs. Inside the interface’s sleek design we can find some extended functionality. One of the examples we can provide is the feature that enables us to modify the colour of the image, eliminate redeye, and transform colour images into grayscale, regulate brightness, cut and shape the shot, and many more functions.

It also includes a slideshow feature. All Fly Free’s controls function in a easy manner but have a very generic feel to them. This is because the program does not provider many features to do with basic functionality like others.

The unique features that differentiate Fly Free lies in the features, such as a push-button option for uploading photos to Facebook, Flickr, and Google, which has never been viewed or found n an image editor. This would make a great tool for those who regularly frequent and upload pictures on such Web sites.

Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer is freeware. Coming as a compressed file, it installs desktop icons without permission. While the basic program is not revolutionary, this image editing software carries out its functions in an optimal way and does offer a few amazing features, which ensures a good experience taken as a whole that gets a thumps up from us.

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