Fungus Tower-Hy-Fi will come to New York this Summer

Readers, brace yourselves! A new architectural structure will soon be up in New York City very soon and the bricks are going to grow by themselves.

 Bricks That Build This Tower

The new tower, which is called Hy-Fi, is going to be an art installation designed by architect David Benjamin, who is the principal of The Living. This tower, which is a part of MoMA’s Yong Architects program, showcases a unique biotechnology. The bricks which were at the bottom of the structure were grown from cornhusks and mycelium (stringy part of a fungus which grows quickly). Well, you can see how amazing the results are!

 Bricks That Build This Tower

They use a technique pioneered by design company Evocative to make the bricks. They put the husks and he fungus in a brick mold till the fungus turns into a solid building rock.

It is said that the building will be taken down with a tiny bit of waste as the bricks are biodegradable. The exhibit runs through September 7 and you have until then to take a walk around the eco friendly structure.

Via : Gizmodo/MoMA