F*watch: An electronic GPS integrated open watch for hikers


F*watch is fully open electronic watch featuring an integrated GPS. The design started at CERN as an after-work project to make a special gift for a retiring staff, who love hiking and timing.

The F*watch is equipped with sensors that include GPS, barometer, compass, accelerometer and light sensor. The microcontroller used is a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 SiLabs Giant Gecko which contains 128KB of RAM and 1MB of Flash. The watch features a 1.28-inch 128X128 pixels Sharp Memory LCD but the main board also contains a micro-USB connector for battery charging and connectivity, a micro-SD card slot, a buzzer and a vibration motor.

The device runs on a 500mA Lipo battery. The tools implemented in the design are open source ( FreeCAD, KiCad, GCC, openOCD, GDB) and those interested may try one by downloading all the source files located in their repository.

Check out the video below for their adventure.

Via: Hackaday