General Electric Creates High-Tech Moon Boots for Aspiring Moon Walkers

To commemorate the 45th anniversary of man’s first walk on moon coming up on July 20, General Electric ties up with the online shop JackThreads and designer Android Homme to create a limited edition, super high quality sneaker that will cost about $200.

Only 100 pairs of the shoes will go on sale on the website JackThreads on Sunday at 4:18PM ET – the exact moment the Apollo 11 lunar module touched down on the moon.

NASA's iconic moon boots The special sneakers are crafted from extremely premium materials like REAL carbon fiber, thermoplastic rubber that adds greater flexibility, stronger resistance, and increased absorption, and a hydrophobic coating that doesn’t come out of a can. “We really wanted to about the benefits materials have in industry and correlate that to the benefits materials have in fashion,” said Sam Olstein, director of global innovation at GE.

In addition, GE has launched a campaign on Snapchat this week to promote the materials used in the shoes.
Via : Theverge