Gmail accounts of over 5 million active users leaked on Russian site

gmail hack

A database of what appears to be the usernames and passwords of over 5 million Gmail users has been leaked on Russian Cyber security internet forum. The leak came to light after a user posted a link to the log-in credentials on Reddit frequented by hackers and those interested in the community.

But the text file containing alleged compromised accounts data was published on Bitcoin forum on Tuesday night by a user called tvskit according to C News, a Russian news outlet. The person who leaked the details said the Gmail users were English, Russian, and Spanish and 60% of the accounts were valid.

Svetlana Anurova, a Google representative said Google is aware of the security breach and has alerted users to change passwords, create stronger ones, and enable two-step login verification to secure their accounts.

The hacked accounts belong to Google users and give access to Google products like Gmail mail service, G+ social network and other services of the US-based internet giant.

A Google spokesman confirmed to the Next Web that the security of their users’ information is a top priority for them. He further added that there is no evidence that Google servers are compromised and whenever they come to know that accounts may have been hacked, they advise those users protect their accounts.

The Gmail leaks comes just days after two other major security breaches leaked on the same Bitcoin forum which targeted 2 Russian internet services and Yandex.

Via: IBTimes