Gmail update supports Microsoft Office document editing directly from your inbox

Google has been bringing plenty of changes to its services. Recently, it has introduced an online tool to check for devices using your Google account. It offers free 1TB of Cloud storage for new Chromebook owners  and first minute free international call from Google Hangouts. Now, it has just made it convenient for Google Drive users to edit Microsoft Office attachments from within their inbox.


Gmail gets a new addition that allows you to open and edit Microsoft Office documents sent as email attachments from your Gmail inbox.

The next time when a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document arrives as an email attachment, hover your mouse over the attachment file. You should see a new edit option that appears as a pencil icon along with other options such as download the document and save it to Google Drive. Click the pencil icon and a new tab opens, where you can edit a copy of the document which Google has automatically converted to the relevant Google format. It also lets you save one copy of the document on Google Drive, which can be accessed from anywhere and you can choose to make the recent version available for offline access as well.

Users who wish to open and edit the Office attachments in Drive without converting the file type, but don’t have the Microsoft suite installed on their desktop can also do so, Google suggests you to install its Chrome extension on the Chrome browser that gives you an option to edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in Google Drive.

Google has also increased the amount of Office file types for importing to 15 new Office formats that are less used including presentation show files, macro-enabled files, and template files.

Microsoft’s recent announcement is a good example of how closely Google integrates its services. Even if you choose to use Microsoft Office and OneDrive, or even Microsoft Office and Dropbox, they’re a hard sell if you’re accustomed to  Google products.

Via:  TheVerge