GoGlove brings smartphone control to your palm


When US-based cousins Ben Harris and Eric Ely were out on slope with some friends, they would often play music as they made their way down hill. But they found it was just too much hassle to set the tunes or volume using the standard in-line remote located on headphone cords of smartphones. The time it took to take their phone out of their pockets, remove the gloves, play some other music or adjust the volume, and then put the gloves back on, put them way behind the rest of their friends. This led them to develop a gadget- GoGlove that can be used to control a smartphone without needing to touch the screen.

To be precise, your smartphone’s touchscreen won’t respond to GoGlove, unless you happen to have special devices that have super sensitive screens just for that purpose. The GoGlove is designed to allow people engaged in various activities like skiing, biking, and walking to control their music, camera like a GoPro or listen to messages by tapping their fingers rather than reaching out to their phone that stays snug in their pocket or purse and manually using it.


The gloves feature sensors in each fingertip, a magnet in the thumb, and Bluetooth module inside the wrist section of the glove that is used for connecting the GoGlove to your smartphone. So when you tap your fingers and thumbs together, a specific action will be performed. Each finger offers single and double-tap actions to control your phone’s music.

For example, you can control volume by tapping your index finger and thumb together, or you could pause/play using your thumb and middle finger, skip a track and so on. The GoGlove is compatible with all music apps, including Pandora, Spotify and iTunes. An activation sensor in the palm ensures that you only control your smartphone when you really want to and don’t accidentally change the music or increase the volume, etc. A replaceable battery lasts up to six months.

The gloves appear to be a lot more lightweight and casual so they can be worn beneath thicker gloves in the winter. Ely said that the GoGlove is designed to survive hand wash, sweat and light moisture. Harris added that the Bluetooth can be detached from the GoGlove when not in use and can be hooked onto a shirt or bike and can still send commands to your smartphone.

GoGlove is on Kickstarter seeking $40,000. The campaign has reached $36,000 so far with only eight days to go. A pledge of $69 would get you a pair of the GoGloves which will start shipping in December. Once the project has met its funds on Kickstarter, the retail price would be $129.

Via: Discovery