Goldgenie’s limited edition, 24K gold bike to get diamonds

Goldgenie's limited edition

After polishing a British bicycle with 24K gold, Goldgenie, a luxury goods company, is now ready to embellish it with precious diamonds. Each and every part of the bicycle is applied with lustrous layer of gold. Not even a single part except tires misses to reflect when hit by any ray of light.

When on road in fluid motion, it’s going to glitter and shimmer, compelling onlookers to wonder how precious it would be.

Goldgenie's limited edition 5

The gleaming surface of the bike is offset as compared to the bespoke black saddle and SR4 racing tires.
The Goldgenie offers various options for customization for different clients. It could range from a selection of finishes like exotic skins, fine leathers and choice of stones.

Goldgenie's limited edition 3

That’s nice. Apparently, it’s not meant for frequent show-off. If it is, then the owner needs a heavy insurance.

Goldgenie's limited edition 6

Goldgenie's limited edition 4

Via: Designboom