Google adds non-traditional News sources like Reddit to “News” search results


Search engine giant Google is adding some non-traditional “news” sources, websites into its news listings. Until recently, Google’s search results sometimes included a “News for” box in its search results. This box listed only the news websites that have been reviewd and approved by Google. However, the new “In the News” box lists content from Google News sources as well as sources that are not in Google News.

Non-traditional news sources like Reddit were listed in Google’s new search results field as spotted by Search Engine Land. Google said these changes mean that it will present as diverse a range of voices as possible to give users the answer they’re looking for online. Some examples Search Engine notes are the Yoast website popping up within the “In The News” box for a search on “website Maintenance”  and Reddit currently listed in the “In The News” box (twice) in a search for “ Dunkin Donuts” and “TSA”.

According to Google, these changes mean that just about any content from the internet could get listed under the “In The News,” section of a search — even videos, press releases and social media posts.