Google Adsense Publishers have no other Option but to follow the New Home Page Design

Towards the end of 2013, Google had introduced a new Adsense home page design. As most of the publishers were comfortable with old layout, they never bothered to switch over to the new one.

Well now, things have changed. Starting Tuesday, publishers have no other alternative other than following the new layout.

Here is a screen shot of the design:

Google AdSense Publishers Forced To New Dashboard

The reporting metrics and summaries show very little changes on this new layout. And with that publishers have complained.

Here are some of the complaints :

Today i was forced to use the new homepage of adsense. There is no way back to the old one…

I really miss the statistic month till today earnings, i only have the last 7/28 days.

Yep, they switched me too. Can’t go back. Great going, AdSense, my home page is full of metrics I don’t care about. Oh well.

I appear to have been forcibly switched to the new Adsense homepage – the link to revert to the old one has disappeared.

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