BREAKTHROUGH by Google – announcing ‘Google Nose’ & ‘Gmail Blue’ on APRIL FOOLS’ day!!

Now you can search for smells using Google search on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Keeping its tradition alive, Google today announced a unique Google Search Experience to celebrate April Fools day.

 Too good to be true?

You guessed it right – because it is FAKE! As google is known to play prank on April Fools’ day to celebrate the practical joke based holiday, the Google team meticulously planned, created and pushed a new video introducing the ‘Google Nose’, which is a brilliant but fake fictitious product that offers all kinds of out-of-the-world smell experience.

 The video presents features of Google Nose and goes on to explain its working – apparently the product intersects ‘photons with infrasound waves’ and ‘temporarily aligns molecules to emulate a particular scent’. The program behind the product also has a ‘mobile aroma indexing program’ that has over ‘15 million scentabite database of smells from around the world’. In short, you can pretty much Google any smell at any instant and smell it right from your device.

 Sounds crazy? Here’s more – Google also has ‘Android Ambient Odor Detection’ for your Android powered smartphones, which allows you to collect smell with your smartphone.

 If this was all true, the world will be a pleasantly smelling place, which would be a olfactory treat for all of us with access to Google Nose. But for now, we all will have to wait.

 You can watch the video

Gmail Blue – another April Fools’ day prank by Google

 As if Google Nose was not enough – Google uploaded yet another video on YouTube announcing the launch of Gmail Blue on account of April Fools’ day prank.

 The Gmail team supposedly (absolutely rubbish) spent 6 years in making the Gmail experience ‘blue’. From blue themed ‘compose’ button to ‘blue’ colored texts – the Gmail Blue is here to make your Gmail experience ‘bluer’.

 Watch the hilarious video

Happy April Fools’ day!