Google Drive for education, unlimited cloud storage space for students

Google Drive unlimited cloud space

For all those students out there, you have some really good news! On 30 September, Google announced its new version of Google Drive which allows unlimited cloud storage to students for free. This large and secure bookbag will be available to all Google Apps for Education Customers for free.

Earlier, students had only 30GB of free storage space but now, they will be able to upload unlimited number of files will the maximum size of each file being 5TB in size. It was announced that the Google Apps for Education will be made available to users over the next few weeks. The free cloud storage will be available to students whose schools are part of the Apps for Education program. Also, the company plans to launch Google Apps Vault as part of the program. This is a tool which allows users o look through the files within the school’s domain. This will also be available freely.

Google Apps for Education product manager Ben Schrom asked why students have to carry around those piles of paper when every type of document or file could easily be retrieved from the nearest Chromebook, smartphone or browser. Well, if we think of it, it seems sensible, right?

In an official blog post, Ben also said that they want educators and students who use Google Apps for Education to be able to focus on the learning experience and not on the technology that supports. He concluded saying that with Drive For Education, users can put an end to worries about storage limits and now easily maintain a safe, effective and compliant learning environment.

Via: AndroidPolice