CES 2014: Google Glass gets its competitor GlassUp

Google Glass recently made its debut in a market and was appreciated all over , however at CES 2014 it has got its first competitor named GlassUp. The Venice, Italy-based Company has unveiled its first public prototype today at CES in Las Vegas.
GlassUp CEO Francesco Giartosio in his presentation said :

“It is sort of cyborg “But all this goes away,” he also added, referring to the company’s plans to streamline the device going forward.

As per GlassUp, it started making this wearable heads-up display before the announcement of Google Glass.
GlassUp CEO Francesco Giartosio later said Company’s goal is the very opposite of cyborg — and the opposite of what has long been one of the top objections to Google Glass: that Glass makes you look like a Star Trek dweeb. GlassUp will look like an ordinary pair of fashion lenses, and therefore won’t stand out as a tech accessory, but rather a fashion accessory.
Glass UpThough the current Glass Up is still under its making, but it seems to have good features as it is re-sizable so that people with large and small heads can try this latest technology.
GlassUp added, that is important because the angle at which you see notifications, the sizing, and the fit all contribute to a better experience.

“We wanted to come to CES with two to three different frames for different types of people,” “But we could not make that, so we’re staying with this adjustable frame that you see here.”

Glass Up has announced its shipping dates with full compete gadget in June / July period. According to a company that want to give Glass Up a time to built multiple size options and fancy looks.
Giartosio said The Company is targeting a price of $399, less than what Google will charge.

“I think that there is something holding Google back, because they have a prototype that is working,” he says. “I think they are afraid that people will stop using it after a week. In fact, I have heard that some developers that work for Google were aiming more at industry sectors … selling more to companies than to people.”

Giartosio also added , GlassUp will be better than Glass, because it projects updates, directions, and emails close to the center of your vision, which reduces eyestrain and is more natural. In addition, the device does not include a camera, which means that there are none of the privacy issues that Google has faced with Glass.