Google Glasses: The better side of the world!

The search giant never stops blazing the tech world by introducing some most terrific technologies of the world. A year back there were rumors about Google Glass, and today it has turned into an amazing reality.  It’s been months now that people are on the streets with their Google glasses on.

Okay! Okay! We understand those curious stares from you guys, and to answer all your questions ‘The geeky globe’ did plenty of homework to keep you updated with what the fuss is all about and why Google glass is grabbing all the attention.
What is Google glass

What is Google glass?

Google glass is known to be the evolution of Smartphones, where all the data is accessible without having to look down at the handheld device. It is a smart-device by which all the data can be accessed without having to look forward to desktop or any portable devices. Google has placed all the data right in front of your eyes instead of desktop or Smartphones.

The glass is made by using display technology of a prism screen, which is designed to be easily seen without obstructing your view. It provides you with some of the obvious benefits like viewing real tine translations of what is being spoken, scrolling through the screen and replying to messages all in the way. The lens is like a normal glass but with different display, voice command and with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The device is powered by Android mobile operating system and is compatible with both Android and Apple operating system devices.

What are the coolest features of Google glass?

Driving while interacting with Google Glass. ‘yes’, you heard that right. One of the many applications of Google Glass is to assist drivers. Click here to learn more.

The headset has some of the coolest features, some of them are:

Capture photos and videos :

You just have to say “Glass, record the video or capture the photo” and it will start capturing the footage.  Also, everything you do can be shared on Google hangouts.

Capture photos and videos

Search results in front of the eyes :

Google glass catches the internet through Wi-Fi or through your phone’s data connection. On your command it will automatically display the SERP’s in front of your eyes.
Search results in front of the eyes

Display maps :

Just like in the Smartphones, the Google maps are integrated in the glasses. This is used to look up locations and trace up your routes.
Display maps

Google now :

The digital voice assistant is integrated in Google glass which will automatically assist you in every situation. For example it will record your daily office timings and will give you alternate routes if you’re late and stuck in traffic, gives you weather updates and other daily life assistance.

What are the Glass specifications?

The screen display is set to a resolution of 640*360 pixels, the built in 5 mega pixels camera and video recorder that can record videos at 720p. With 16 GB of flash storage, Google glass, also syncs with Google drive to save the data on the device.  The battery life is 5 hours and, the glass comes with the USB port to transfer all the data files. The phone calls can be received once the vibrations are sent directly to your skull.

Who is competing Google glass?

There is no denying in the fact that Apple, Microsoft and Samsung are the diehard competitors of Google. Each one of them has been rumored to create products with similar specifications and features.

More or less Google, like always, has made a solid mark in the tech world even this time.Still not satisfied
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