Google Now’s “Flight Price Monitor Card” alerts users of drops in arifare

Google Now

Google Now is constantly offering new features that make our lives easy. According to Androidpolice, Google Now has started rolling out a handy new card that has the ability to notify users when the price of the flight, they’re interested in, changes.

If you’re looking at a flight or itinerary through Google’s Flight Search, and there is a change in the airfare, Google will make a note of that based on your previous searches and drop a helpful card into your Google Now screen.

While other apps such as Airfare Watchdog have flight alerts, Google’s offering is instant, making it more convenient and less time consuming.

So far the new feature dubbed “flight price monitor card” only works when you search for flights from Google’s own services in the first place. So, if you’re searching via other travel search engines such as Kayak, SkyScanner or Travel Supermarket you will not receive the alerts.

The service is currently only available on Android and is limited to its home country. Google hasn’t revealed anything about when this feature will be available to other countries. The new version of Google Now can be downloaded directly from Google Play.

Via:  AndroidPolice