Google Now’s Update helps you find things to do, eat or see nearby your Hotel

When you visit a brand new city, your first instinct may be to find things to do near your hotel. However, searching Google for nearby places to visit can be a hassle if you can’t recall your hotel’s name or address.  You can forget about memorizing such details after today, though- Google Now’s another update enables you to find relevant things like places of attractions, hotels and other places of interest that are nearby the hotel you’re staying.

Google now shows what you can do near your hotelSo if your hotel confirmation is in your Gmail, you can now ask Google to show you places around your hotel or for directions back to your hotel, and the virtual assistant will take care of everything.

There are several apps that can help you with such things in a new city, but Google Now has the advantage of being built into Android and helps take the stress out of trip decisions and navigation.

Source: Google+