Google Play Movies and TV app for iOS supports offline playback


Google has announced a major update to its Play Movies and TV shows app to iOS users on Monday. The new version allows you to download movies and TV shows to your device and then watch them anytime, anywhere even without an internet connection.

The search engine giant released the Google Play Movies and TV app back in January, where iPhone and iPad users were required to have a reliable Wi-Fi connection in order to stream videos on their devices via Chromecast, but now Google has just fixed that oversight some nine months after the original app launched. The downloading feature gives access to videos when you‘re on the go and there is no internet connection. The support is certainly a huge welcome for those who like to explore their options.

Of course, the app has some limitations. You still can’t buy or rent movies directly from the app. You can only play back things that have been purchased through Google’s Play Store online or through Android devices. But that shouldn’t be too surprising if you remember that Google has to give Apple 30 percent share of anything sold through its app.

In addition to the offline playback, the update also brings other enhancements and bug fixes for a greater experience. Google Play Music on iOS adds a new feature that allows you to delete music from your playlist as part of the update.

The Google Play Movies and TV app update can now be downloaded directly from Apple’s App store.