Google releases digital guidebook that reveals secrets of successful Android app

The Secrets to App Success on Google Play

If you are an aspiring android app developer or a new app developer and are looking for a guide to help you with how to get started, Google has some good news for you. Google has created a brand new digital guidebook designed to specifically help you guys on the right path. The book dubbed “The Secrets to App Success on Google Play” is an 81-page eBook that outlines the best practices to help software programmers get the most out of their apps when publishing them on Google Play.

The guidebook is designed for those that already have programming knowledge, hence it doesn’t cover anything about writing code. Instead, the book focuses on some good tips and tricks.

Some of the key coverage areas include: publishing on Google Play, quality control, how to engage and retain users, how to promote your app and sell it, integrating Google Analytics into your development process and monetization.

Most of the guidelines are split up into bullet points for simplicity, and it actually appears to be an interesting slideshow presentation than a book, covering QR codes (wtf?), a list of products each page applies to, and iconography to represent the skills required.

Although the book is not of much value to expert app developers, it would be of great value to new comers. That doesn’t mean the book is in no way useful for long-time experts, it can provide them with the necessary resources for things like globalization, analytics and monetization.

The eBook is available for free from Google Play and as an 11MB PDF. You can even request for a print copy if you’re a registered developer (UK and US only) and they are available for free as well. Right now, it is in English. Google plans to release the guide in more languages in the coming months.

Via: Androidpolice