Google Reportedly Developing ‘Project Tango’ Tablet with 3D Mapping Capabilities

The Wall Street Journal was informed that Google has started developing a 7 inch tablet with advanced vision capabilities. The sources informed that the tablet would be loaded with a wealth of sensors, consisting of 2 back cameras and infrared depth sensors. Also, it has advanced software which can capture 3D images of objects.
Project Tango
Reports say that the tablet is an oversized version of Project Tango, which was released by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects division.

It is interesting to note that, the tablet appears to have quite the same imaging hardware as the Tango smartphone. It features a normal camera ascended on top of the handset, a motion-sensing camera placed opposite and integrate depth sensors placed between the two cameras. However, there is no information as to what type of CPU will power the tablet. But, the phone brags 2 “computer vision” processors and sorted positioning sensors for calculating movement in three dimensions.

Sources also say that Google will be producing four thousand of these tablets, starting next month. Like the smartphone, the tablet can make use of its wealth of sensors to map the interior of a room for navigation and can be used to play games.

Via : Arstechnica