10 Google Search Tricks you didn’t Know

Everyone knows Google is the best search engine to find what we truly need. But with so much information online, not everyone knows to use it to its best advantage. Even the most expert Googler might not be aware of every tip and trick.

Top 10 Clever Google Search Tricks

Check out these ten tips that help make your search results more meaningful.

1.Use Google to search a single site

You can refine your search to your favorite website by using a simple operator (: ). For example, you want to find android app on thegeekyglobe, just type android app site:thegeekyglobe.com.

2. Use search operators

Google does a wonderful job of finding out what you truly need, but the more specific you are the better your results be.

For example, typing a phrase within quotation marks- “like this” searches for that specific phrase. Adding a dash (-) before the term excludes that word ( Noodles recipe-onions) and using OR gives Google a choice, for example, Worldwide Developers Conference location 2013 or 2014.

3. Get Definitions

Need to know the exact meaning of a word? Simply head to Google and use the “define:” operator. For example, define:ridiculous gives you the dictionary definition of ridiculous and synonyms of it.

4. Do calculations and currency conversions

You are aware that Google performs onscreen calculations, but did you know that it can also convert units and currencies. Converts dollars to rupees, converts units of measurements such as distance, weight and temperature.

5. Get Real-time search results

Google lets you filter your search results by time such as the past day, hour or week. But if you want to be a little more specific- like in the past 15 minutes- you can do so with a URL hack. Just type &tbs=qdr: at the end of the URL, along with the time you want to serach. For example, adding &tbs=qdr:n10 to your URL will search within the past 10 minutes.

6. Get an answer to your question

Google helps you in finding an answer to your question. Use the *, which can represent either a wildcard character or an entire word, to tell the search engine that you want it to locate or find the missing information.

For example, Louis Pasteur invented the * will give you a list of inventions from which you can choose.

7. Voice search

If you’re using Chrome, Android or the Google iOS app, you can use voice search. Hit the microphone icon and tell Google what you’re searching for.

8. Search in your locality

Google can extract information from your local area or a specific region as easily as it scans the entire web. For example, add your postal code at the end of your search term and Google will narrow its results accordingly. Type ‘movies,’ ‘restaurants,’ ‘shoe repair,’ ‘taxis,’ or any other service or business, for instance, and you’ll quickly bring up a list of places or services in your locality.

9. Limit your search results to particular file types

Looking for a PDF type file in the search results? Just type filetype:pdf or filetype:ppt and you will get a list of only PDF or PowerPoint files.

Be sure not use a space after the colon, and the file type limlimter should be used at the end of your search term.

Example: ‘camera manual filetype:pdf.’

10. Using”..” between two numbers will search between that range

“Eco-friendly cars 2012..2014” will only show the articles that lists the cars from 2012 to 2014, while “digital camera $200..$300” will only lists cameras within that price range.