Google Should Modify : 8 Points

The Android was introduced in market in 2007 with the foundation of the Open Handset Alliance. Android is the world’s most used Smartphone platform and it is open source and Google releases the code with the Apache License.

Google Should Modify

As Android is open source and its apps are free of cost that can be installed in any Smartphone from Google Store. One of its apps is PDA (personal digital assistant) that is used in Smartphones as a personal information manager. But as Apple PDA Siri is giving a tough competition to the Google Android that is why if Google wants to remain on the top in the list now Google should make some changes.

So here I am suggesting some changes that Google must do to beat Siri that is going to be smarter with the crowd-funded app Cue.

Should be compatible on multiple devices

We can use Google on Android and iOS Smartphones and now Google is also available on computer as Google Chrome now Google should spread its presence on other devices also to maintain its popularity in the market. It should be something like wearable tech it could be Google sunglasses or Smart wrist watch.

Google will use alarms to locate what you may need

Most of us are now using Smartphones as our morning alarms and as PDA’s. So Google is trying to introduce smart search for every Smartphone user on the bases of alarms which they usually set in their mobile phone. As an example let say if a Smartphone user wake up at 8 am after ringing a alarm daily and reach on bus-stop at 9 am. So Google keeps track of your alarm and your locations and will send the timing of your bus or train with your morning wake up alarm.

Support Aline email address

Google at present giving its services to the google account holders those who do not have Google account cannot use the Google services like Google drive, YouTube etc. As there are so many internet users who are not using Google accounts, so they are unable to use Google services to our come this flaw Google should allow third party account holders to use their services.

Give alerts of nearby places

Google will send alerts on your Smart devices related to nearby places on the bases of your location this will help you to easily find the place of your choice. For that Google Map should become more local search friendly.

Give notification about new arrivals and discounts nearby

Google now will send alerts and notifications about new arrivals and discounts in stores near by you. That help user’s to grab fab discounts easily.

Sends list of apps according to the need of individual

Google will become smarter and user friendly this will help the Smart device users a lot. Google now will become intelligent and track your emails and schedulers in your device and will send you a list of apps that would be beneficial to you.

Send notifications about its new releases and updation

As the Android users are increasing day to day that is why Google should send notifications to its Android phone users about new services launching information or any updation in any of its services.

Send others reminder to remind you

Google should allow association between your reliable users and you. Google may use their email contacts, PDA’s and calenders events to remind them about you or about your anniversary or your some new achievement that will help other users to contact you. Google even may give services to send SMS to you by email or chat also.

Hope Google Android may implement these changes to maintain its importance and demand in the market.