Google+ supports a new feature: Pinned posts


Have one special post that you want to makes sure get seen when someone lands on your Google+ page? Google has just rolled out a new feature for its Google+ service: pinned posts. You can now pin that specific piece of content to the top of your page, making sure that people will see your post even if it’s technically old.

Though a small change, this new functionality will go a long way to show off your incredible talent. This would be greatly helpful to developers or businesses who need to share content such as updates, photos of upcoming products, or a trailer of an upcoming movie. An average user can also get just as much use out of it, as well. For example, you can share vacation photos.

You can pin only one post at a time. So think and decide what exactly, you want the first thing to be seen when someone lands up on your profile.  Before pinning a post, make sure it is set to public. Head to the posts tab of your profile page and open the dropdown menu on any public post you want to pin and choose “Pin post” and it will show a green pin in the top-right corner. The pinned post will appear first above the rest of other posts.

Google engineer Dennis Troper says that everyone will have some amazing content which they would like to highlight and this new feature would help them in doing so. The only downside is pins can only be set on a desktop browser, though Android users will be able to view your pinned content. iOS support will also be coming soon. The company declined to comment when the option that lets users to pin posts, not just view pinned posts, will roll out to mobile devices.

Via: Engadget