Google to remove Spanish Publishers from its Google News


Online search giant Google will shut down its Google News service in Spain, rather than pay licensing revenues for Spanish publishers to show their content on its news site.

The company said that new legislation in the European country will allow Spanish publications to charge Google services like Google News for using snippets of their stories in the news service. The situation is very much the same in Germany, where German publishers have long argued that Google should pay them for including snippets of their stories in the news index. “As Google News itself is not generating any income, its sending the publishers tons of traffic and this new demand is simply not sustainable”, Richard Gringars, Head of Google News wrote in Google Europe Blog post.

However, German publishers have grudgingly agreed that Google News is valuable enough to their business, so the search giant could continue to display snippets of their stories without having to pay for it. But Spain publishers will not be able to renounce compensation provided for by the law.

Google announced late on Wednesday that it is closing its Google News in Spain and would remove all Spanish publishers from its international versions on 16 December ahead of the introduction of the law in January 2015.

The four year old service is available in more than 70 international editions, covering 35 languages. Google’s move means that not only there will be no more News in Spain but there will be no Spanish news publisher snippets in any other Google News edition, including other Spanish speaking countries. However, some of the leading publishers have subsidiaries in Latin America and South America and Google will maintain these local stories in its other News sites.

Hope, the German or Spanish examples are a good lesson for other European countries that are likely to duplicate the aggressiveness of these nouveau copyright laws.

Via: SearchEngineLand