Google to roll out Store Visits: Tool that correlates clicks on ads with offline sales


For all that Google knows about us, it still fails to learn the way we spend our money in stores. Google is trying to correlate clicks on search ads with in-store traffic. The search giant has just launched a new tool called “store visits” that gives advertisers some insight into which type of search ads motivate consumers to go into a brick and mortar store.

Google’s Store visit is part of Estimated Total Conversions (ETC) that gives you a more complete picture of how customers are engaging with your business via Adwords. Imagine you’re using the Google Adwords program for client’s hotel booking online. The store visits tool gives you a direct way to track the impact of your online advertising campaign. It lets you see which campaigns and devices drive traffic to your business. This measurement will help Google, long suffering from dropping ad prices to bridge the gap between search ads and offline sales.

Customers’ location will be tracked by Google and sent to advertisers and if the same customer visits the client’s hotel and books a room then you can rest assure that your advertising campaign has been fruitful. In addition to this, you can make more informed decisions about your ad campaigns, expenses, bid strategies, and other elements of your campaigns.

The information collected by Google gives advertisers an estimate of how many consumers actually visited the store after seeing an ad. Other details of specific individuals are kept private and secure.

Qualiifying advertisers are likely to be big brands, multi-location retailers that have enough data. To find out if you’re eligible, reach out to your Google Adwords representative. Google also reports that 32 percent of consumers have been directed to a store or make a purchase after seeing a location-based ad.

That said, one of the retailers of pet supplies using the service, PetSmart, reported that it has improved its customer shopping experience. It’s estimated store visits data showed that 10 to 18 percent of traffic to its store was led through clicks on search ads. Qualified marketers will see the tool rolling out over the coming weeks.

Via: Searchengine Land