Google uses Spam Filters to Toss out Emails with Odd Combination of Letters to Prevent Phishing Attempts

With an attempt to prevent spam on its Gmail service, Google has now announced to block emails with suspicious character combinations.

Protecting Gmail in a global world

In a blog post, Mark Risher of Google’s Spam and Abuse Team said “Scammers can exploit the fact that ဝ, ૦, and ο look nearly identical to the letter o, and by mixing and matching them, they can hoodwink unsuspecting victims. Can you imagine the risk of clicking “ShဝppingSite” vs. “ShoppingSite” or “MyBank” vs. “MyBɑnk”?

The Unicode Consortium lists these types of character combinations as “highly restricted.” Google said its new tool will knock out any of these combinations included in emails sent to Gmail users.

Google says Gmail users will notice the changes starting today.