Google Voice lets you Make Web-Based calls via Hangouts, no Google+ Profile Required

Google has announced that internet users can make Google Voice calls using Hangouts even if you aren’t using Hangouts in Gmail.


Earlier, Gmail users had the option to make PC-to-PC voice and video calls via Hangouts for free. However, this was not possible on the Google Voice website. Google Voice and Hangouts will be merged for android and iOS, as has been anticipated for months now. But on Wednesday, Google Tech Lead Manager Alex Weisen announced the update through the company’s social networking page, saying that this should make things easier for people who are working on their laptop but short on time to access a smartphone to make a call. He stated:

To make things easier, we’ve just added Hangouts as an option when making calls from the web. It works even if you aren’t using Hangouts in Gmail, and doesn’t require a Google+ account. Try it the next time you place a call from the Google Voice website — I think it’s a much easier way to keep in touch with people.

He told us back in June that Google is working to improve voicemail transcriptions with your help, and has followed that up with the unveiling of Hangouts calls through the web version of Google Voice.

To avail the new feature, sign into the Google Voice website. In the call or text box on the left, enter the number you’d like to call. Then choose Hangouts from the Phone to call with drop-down menu. This will open a separate Hangouts window and you can carry on your voice conversation via Hangouts as you normally would.

This latest Voice-Hangouts integration suggests the two services may exist side-by-side for at least the near future, providing complementary features to each other.

Source  Alex Wiesen