Google Wallet’s New Version Supports more Features- Manage your Gift cards, Money Requests, Spanish Support and more..

Google Wallet’s latest update introduces several new features for Android and iOS devices such as gift cards, invoicing, requesting money, sending money, and Spanish support.

Google Wallet’s support for loyalty card and offers is now extended to your gift cards too. The app now lets you store, redeem, and check gift card balance. All you have to do is snap a picture of your card or type in the card info (gift cards received electronically can be saved by tapping “Save to Google”) and leave the card at home. Then, when you want to use them, just show your card to the cashier.

Google's Wallet appsFor certain gift cards, you can check the balance as well as get reminders to use your card when you are near stores. Participating merchants with this support include AMC, Best Buy, Whole Foods, Nike, Sephora, Toys “R” US and more.

You can now request money from friends via Google Wallet app or Gmail. The request will instantly appear as a notification and they will pay you back. Earlier, Google allowed users to send money to anyone 18 years or above in the US using an email address and charged a fee of 2.9% per transaction for both debit and credit cards. But now you can use your debit card for free. You can also request money from friends with an invoicing feature.

Last but not the least Google Wallet apps for Android and iOS now support Spanish language.

The new version of the apps are available for download on Google Play Store and the App Store