Google’s big Hoilday deal: Free 1TB of Cloud storage for New Chromebook owners


Holidays are almost around the corner and everyone is pretty excited about gifts and stuff. Well, Google recently announced a pretty big holiday deal. It declared that it would give 1TB of Google Drive storage for two years to anyone who would buy one of its Chromebook Laptops before the end of 2014. Now, isn’t that big? Let me tell you, 1 TB of Google Drive Storage is equal to $240 and it will be made available to those who purchase Chromebook for 2 years.

That huge space is actually more than enough. You could store 250 two-hour movies, 320,000 photos or even 17,000 hours of music! Also, Google’s Chromebooks are not just any cheap alternatives to Windows-based laptops. Instead they have much to offer. Their benefits include security, speed and accessibility. Since they are totally based on cloud storage and minimal on-board space, the new offer seems quite sensible.

But, just remember that the offer is valid only to ‘eligible Chromebooks’ which are sold from online stores, Google Play and qualifying retailers like Newegg and Amazon. However, some stores are lagging behind with the announcement and are still in stream with the old offer which offered 100GB storage space. Of course, it would take a few days for all the retailers to be update with the announcement.

But the thing is, what will one do when the promotion is over? It is obvious that he/she will have to pay monthly fee or find someplace else to store the data. Also, two years is enough to get a customer hooked and this makes it difficult from them to head in some different direction.

Chromebooks speed up day to day computing secure and simple. The huge cloud storage of 1TB actually comes with money as small as $199. So, if you want one Chromebook, it is better you rush to the store and buy one before the 1st of January because that is the deadline for the offer.

Via: DigitalTrends