Google’s New Chrome Tool Lets You Monitor your Data used by Chrome Apps and Extensions with

Extensions and apps are probably the major part of Google’s Chrome browser. Google has posted a new version of its Chrome Apps and Extensions Developer Tool that comes with an audit feature. This new version lets you see exactly what each extension is doing with your data from the moment you launch them.

Chrome tool lets you see what web apps are really doing

The tool, a Chrome app itself, was introduced by Google earlier this year for developers to debug apps and extensions, but it lacks the audit feature. The new version will audit your browser’s add-ons in real time, as well as create a historical log of their daily activities. Although this app tool is not of great interest to casual customers, Chrome’s developers and power users will most likely appreciate it as it lets them take a peek behind the magician’s curtain.

Besides tracking the historical activity over the past few days, users can also click on the “Behavior” option to see real-time activity. Once installed, the tool showcases activities that include user-related information, such as website cookies or modifying websites, in the privacy section. Users can also search for URLs to see if an extension has modified any matching pages.

Via : Engadget

Source: Chromium Blog