Great Calendar apps for your iPhone

A great calendar app keeps your meetings and events organized and up to date. While the iOS’s default calendar application is clean and functional, each user has their own specific requirement and this is not the right app for everyone. There are several reliable third-party calendar apps that can be downloaded from the App store for under $9.99.
Great Calendar apps for your iPhoneThese apps perform better than Apple’s default calendar app, which sports only one great feature: that its icon changes to display the date on your home screen. With so many calendar alternatives, we feel Sunrise tops them all because of the following reasons.

Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise has all the features that a great calendar app should have- recurring events, alerts, birthdays, Google Maps directions, and more. In addition, the app allows you to link up your Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. Sunrise also packs in time zone support along with location-based weather and Google Maps support for directions. It automatically shows upcoming concerts and trips from Triplt and Songkick data. Finally Sunrise integrates with Github and Asana to create events that make sure your tasks and milestones remain top of mind.


Temp is a free smart calendar app that sports a slew of intriguing features, like the ability to look up emails related to your meetings, get directions to meeting locations, and log into conference calls with a few taps. A new feature called insights provides a lot more information about the people you’re scheduled to meet.

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