Growershower’s Arduino Hookup helps you Grow a Healthy and Happy Plant

It’s not enough if you just plant a seed and wait for the plant to grow healthy. When a young seedling is supplied with proper nutrition, then only it can flourish into a healthy and happy plant. But you need ensure other conditions are set well. For instance, ensuring a steady temperature and maintaining moisture at an optimum level can be difficult at times, especially when you are new to gardening.

to3h8paThis is where Arduino grow-op monitoring solution comes in. The system was designed by growershower to monitor the vital signs of 3 marijuana plants.

The board is an Uno and has an SD card shield with a DHT22 temperature sensor plus a soil moisture sensor. A photo diode is also used to measure light. USB power and various cables.

The graph produced from the data is a weed grower’s wet dream:


jsmazmtHumidity, temperature, moisture, and light can all be regularly fed into the system. This empirical data helps in keeping track of how the plants are doing, giving the grower the option to make required changes.

Obviously the sensors and other cables are not waterproof, hence, they need to be detached when watering which is troublesome. However, the system will address such issues as more people contribute to the design. For his next grow, Growershower plans to use a Rasperry Pi instead of the Arduino, because the Raspberry will help him check the data in real time remotely through a web browser.

The next steps after all that will be to run the lights and ventilation. Watering schedules could be included as well. Just be careful when adding H2O into the equation, especially when dealing with the high voltages associated with grow lights. You don’t want to accidentally zap yourself into oblivion! Safety first.

Via : Hackaday