Gyoza iPhone 6 & 6 Plus case with stand – Weird, but amzingly detailed

Gyoza  iPhone 6 & 6 Plus case with stand  4

Have you heard about Gyoza – Japanese dish? It consists of dumplings typically filled with ground meat and vegetable and grilled or fried. Now, we will explain a very close relation of the dish with iPhone 6, rather a newly formed relation.

Someone has designed Gyoza iPhone 6/ Plus case with a complete stand. You can’t tell by looking at the pictures that it’s actually a case. Rather, it buzzes a question as to why someone is using iPhone for serving edibles. The work is very detailed, no doubt. One of the cases even shows inside stuffing on a Gyoza. That looks so real and weird. Why would someone do that- to design such uncomfortable, edgy, bulky case for one of the sleekest smartphone available in the market?

Gyoza  iPhone 6 & 6 Plus case with stand  2

Moreover, you might start hating Gyoza with so much of exposure. That was the odd part, but on the serious side of the things, the case and the stand is made in collaboration with an official Gyoza organization. The stand is awesome. Without the details, you would wonder what the heck is going on here.

You’ll struggle to figure out what exactly it represents – an edible dish with iPhone design or a case and stand for it. These two cases, one for iPhone 6 and other for Plus 6, and a stand are available for ¥10,584. We won’t conclude calling it geeky, but it was a nice attempt to be one, but definitely it’s weird, more than that of a father and daughter selling sustainable condoms.

Gyoza  iPhone 6 & 6 Plus case with stand  3

Gyoza  iPhone 6 & 6 Plus case with stand

Via: AkihabaraNews