Helios Bluetooth Headphones capture sunlight to juice up

Helios Bluetooth solar-powered headphones

Few things are too much of hassle such as untangling the cables of your headphone cords which can spoil the whole fun of listening to your favorite tunes or an important conversation with your friend. Bluetooth headphones have addressed this problem by shedding the fine wires and allowing users to enjoy their music unshackled. But then you have another issue when its battery runs low, which requires you to keep your headphones charged so you can go wireless again. London-based startup Exod’s Helios headphones make this pesky problem disappear.

Helios headphones are a pair of Bluetooth headphones equipped with a solar panel that allow them to draw their juice directly from the sun’s rays and can operate even when the sky is cloudy. The Helios headphones feature a photovoltaic film on the top of its band which captures the sun’s energy. The Exod team says each hour of exposure to sunlight gives you half an hour of clean energy listening. When fully charged, Helios headphones can operate for up to 15 hours.  The mounting of the solar panel makes the headphones slightly heavier than other wireless headphones models on the market.

But when you don’t want to venture outside, the 430 mAh battery can be topped up through a Micro USB charging cable plugged into an AC outlet. And if the Bluetooth is not working, the headphones also feature a 3.5 mm jack for plugging in a regular audio cable.

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The headphones also include an integrated mic for answering phone calls. Buttons on the earpiece allow the user to change tracks, adjust volume, and also disable the solar panel. Helios will come in wood color, black with mat or glossy finish and carbon variants.  Exod has a £50,000 (US$78,500) goal on Kickstarter and has 38 days left to go. Early-bird pledge price slots of $157 (£100, AU$182) are still available. Shipping is scheduled for July 2015 and once the slots are filled the price of headphones will revert to £130.

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Via: Gizmag