Hemingwriter: The typewriter that is aimed at only putting prose on the page


Looking for a typewriter that is free from distractions such as the internet, games, social media and others? Well, MIT students Adam Leeb and Patrick Paul have designed a device called Hemingwriter that is similar to the old school typewriter except that it is more digital version of it.

The Hemingwriter is aimed at one and only one thing that is putting words on a page. It boasts a full-fledged mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches.

The device also features a 6” E Ink screen, the same e-paper found on the Amazon Kindle which helps you see what you type along with the day, date, time, battery level, and Wi-Fi status. This will result in over six weeks of battery life, perfect for a small writing retreat. In addition to these features, the Hemingwrite theoretically supports a number of online storage services, such as Google Docs, Dropbox or Evernote,   so you could carry it along with you on the go and sync your documents to the cloud wherever you travel.  It has an internal memory that stores over 1 million pages, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space or wasting paper.

As of now, Hemingwriter only exists in prototype form, but you can get updates, as well as more information on the device, from the product’s website here. The device has actually made it as a semi-finalist for Engadget’s Insert Coin inventor’s competition and will be debuting the device at the Engadget Expand NY conference come 7-8th November.

Via: Geek