Here’s How to check out everything Google knows about you


Although Google is focusing on interesting new topics such as robotics, health and many others, most of its revenue is generated from advertising. The company displays tons of ads on its many online properties, including Search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps and more. But in order to increase its revenue, it grants you free access to all of its properties online and in exchange asks you to share information about yourself. Google gets to sell that information to advertisers. It tries to display only those ads that are relevant to you by learning your browsing habits. In other words, the companies have to pay more for Google to get their ads to an audience that is likely to be their ideal customers.

Google uses various tools to extract data about you, including data retrieved from setting up Google accounts and the information it collects through your web-browsing habits. Here are a few sources that help you figure out what all, and how much Google knows about you.

  1. Find out how much of the data Google has gathered about you

There’s the stuff you reveal to Google when you sign up for any of its services like Gmail and Google maps, or via an Android phone, like your name,  age, gender, contact number, location and so on. Google creates your basic profile using all these information and sells this data to advertisers. Check here to find out how much data Google has gathered, and how it allows you to edit your profile and customize what kind of ads you want to view in the future.

  1. Find out your location history

Knowing your contact address is valuable information. If you are an Android user and use location services, your smartphone or tablet may be passing on your location as well as velocity data to Google.

Here you can find out where you were on any given particular day. This belongs to the category metadata, or a brief description about what you do, that the National Security Agency was so interested in digging out.

  1. Find out your entire Google Browsing history

You can view your entire browsing history by visiting here. Google records every single search you have performed and also keeps track of every Google ad you have clicked on. You can delete the history you no longer need or disable the settings on this page and prevent Google from recording your search history. Doing so will also stop you from getting access to awesome Google services like Google Now.

  1. Find out devices that access your Google account

Google maintains a list of all devices that used your Google account. While it can be helpful to find out if someone has tried to access your account, it also means that the search engine can associate various devices with a particular user, replacing them with your identity, in case you necessarily want to hide your identity in some cases.

  1. Find out all the apps and extensions that use your Google data

If you’ve allowed any of the services or apps not owned by Google to use your data on Google, it will get listed on this page. That type of information can tell Google how internet is helpful to you and your activity on the web.

  1. Export all of your data within the Google ecosystem

This link allows you to export all of your Google data including bookmarks, emails, contacts, drive files, profile info, your YouTube videos and photos.