Here’s Some Good News to all the Google Voice Search Users!

Some of you out there might be speaking several languages. In that case, you might very often forget some particular terms. This will be totally annoying if you are one of those people who use Google Voice Search. Anyway, you can cheer up now as the latest version of Voice Search gives you the freedom of choosing up to 5 languages as your default.

Google Voice Search

[Image credit: Frank Barten/Google+]

So, if you want to use multiple languages, all you need to do is go to the Google voice settings menu and change your default language to the one you want to use. And, if you wish to go back to your default language, just repeat this process.

This Voice Search update gives a lot of power to the user. Apart from selecting five languages of your choice, it allows you to switch between various languages in the same query! For example, you could start your query in French and end it in English! This is really great for users who know only bits and pieces of different languages.

Via: Android Police

Source: Google Play