Hi-tech Harness helps you know your dog better

Hi-Tech Harness-dog-communication

Looking for a gadget that helps you better understand your canine companion? Well, Researchers at North Carolina State University have designed a new hi-tech harness that aids in better communication between dogs and its owners or trainers.

The sensor-packed device detects animal’s behavior, and the sounds it makes, letting the owner know their feelings. Researchers say the system has applications in everything from search and rescue to guide dogs to training puppies.

According to Dr. David Roberts of North Carolina State University, their team have created a system for computer-mediated communication between humans and dogs that opens new ways for interpreting dog’s behavioral signals and sending them clear and unambiguous commands in return.

The harness can be customized with additional devices depending on the dog’s job, too. For example, environmental sensors, cameras and microphones are added to a harness that is meant for a search and rescue dog.  “They can also be customized to address stress in working dogs such as guide dogs for the blind,” said Sean Mealin, an NC State PhD student and co-author of the paper.

Via: Discovery