HindiWriter [Review and Download]


Software Type : Language Software

Description: How many times have you wished for an easy tool that facilitates typing in Hindi? Many a times when we are communicating with friends or business associates, who prefer Hindi, we have wished that we could communicate with them in writing using Hindi. Well here is the solution for you!

First of all using this support system you can type in Hindi without having to remember a different key board layout. What it means that you can let the words flow from your mind on to the key board in an easy process. No cumbersome looking up of keys, or even reading over and over again. Simply type almost as fast as your fingers can keep up with your thought process. It eliminates the need for font installation by using the inbuilt Indic Language support that is supplied by windows.

Lost for the right words? This has often happened to us. We want to say something but the right word refuses to come up. This tool helps you in that aspect too. It also has Auto Word Lookup for suggesting the best word choice. Another thing that worries us is the need for correct spelling. Now you can rest easy on that aspect too. Spell check takes care of any errors that occur.

The HindiWriter works in all applications that support Uniclod. This includes Internet Explorer, Firefox, MS office (Checking spelling in Hindi for word documents is also included), OpenOffice Org Suite (Checking spelling in Hindi for word documents is also included), Notepad, Explore, Outlook, Windows/MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger (7 and above) Web Based Email (Hotmail, Yahoo Mail). The program uses the accepted iTrans scheme of transliteration . Version 1.4 also includes Word Lookup element that suggests word completions. Spell Check Support for OpenOffice org 2.0, updates the thesaurus and removes Ctrl+F12 as the TransPaste key (Alt+INS continues to function). Version 1.4a may also contain updates, improvements, or bug fixes.

Operating System : Windows

Price: This software is free to download.

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