Hologram Technology will be a Reality Soon

Many of us imagine the future of our technology by watching sci-fi movies. For example, tablets, video conferencing and air gestures were predicted by movies. Now raises the question, where are the holograms?

Hologram technology Although recent hologram technology has helped to bring back the deceased artists back to life, they need stuff like complex mirror and light system and also are really expensive to create.

Well, there is this happy news for you. A California based company called Ostendo Technologies Inc have taken steps in bringing the sci-fi fantasy into reality.

Hologram technology We have reports from the Wall Street Journal that Ostendo has developed a small Tic Tac sized projector that can which can project 3D holograms. And, you don’t need those geeky 3D glasses for this!

The Ostendo Quantum Photonic Imager fuses an image processor with a wafer containing micro light-emitting diodes or LEDs. Also, it contains software that helps the unit render images properly.

The following was reported by The Wall Street Journal:

“Ostendo showed a working prototype: a set of six chips laid together that beamed a 3-D image of green dice spinning in the air. The image and motion appeared consistent irrespective of the position of the viewer.”

Another incredible feature is that Ostendo’s hologram technology can put together 3D images with up to 5,000 pixels per inch.

Next year, Ostendo plans to ship a 2D version of its high-res projector. With $38 million funding from DARPA and $90 million from venture capitals, Ostendo is more likely to have the resources to make hologram technology a reality.