Hot Candy Heater – Little 38 gram heater burn on alcohol

Hot Candy Heater 3

Hot Candy Heater (HCH) is a 38 gram heater that is used on the top of a alcohol burner. The idea is to equip travelers, trekkers, and hikers with a compact heating tool when going into cold weathers. Well, ignore it if you don’t carry drinks while trekking.

The HCH is handmade and its sale is scheduled to begin in December this year. The creator took a great pain to frame the coils inside a steel frame. The design looks simple, but it took over 80 attempts before the product could be finalized. The heater is meant to be used on the top of an alcohol burner and could burn for 60-80 minutes depending upon the mix of fuel you use.

Hot Candy Heater 2

Seriously, it doesn’t look like a heater at all, not the one burning on alcohol at least. Also it could confuse you which one, drinking the alcohol or drinking it, would give you more warmth. It’s sort of unique heater itself and that’s why it’ll be available in limited edition production.

Hot Candy Heater 7

Rest, the product page and the shopping store has provided all the details regarding CHC in Japanese. You can buy one for 5,500 yen (excluding taxes). Also, alcohol burner isn’t included in the package.

Hot Candy Heater

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