How do you get viruses on your computer: Explained by Geek

How Do you Get Viruses or spyware on Your Computer? There are literally scores of methods in which these malicious things get entry into your laptop/computer or any other similar device. However given below are the normal and more frequently occurring ways a computer gets infected. Once you know that these are the most common causes for virus and other malware infecting your computer, you can take steps to prevent it from occurring again.

How Do you Get Viruses on Your Computer

How Do you Get Viruses on Your Computer

A few general instances: Clicking without understanding: One of the most usual method that a computer gets affected is when a person simply accedes whatever pops on the screen without actually going through it or even understanding it.

  1. While you are surfing the net, a smaller window with an ad or some other content may show up on the screen and tell you that your computer is in danger and you need an add on to prevent this. Many people are known to simply click without getting what is being said or what it can do
  2. You may accept to have additional software to be installed while downloading something else simply by clicking on a checkbox or more likely by not unclicking it (most of the time it is already checked and you have to uncheck it)

Viewing Attachments

Viewing or opening files or anything else attached with their mail. It could be friends or colleagues or even an unknown entity. Curiosity or sheer boredom leads us to opening this and it can lead to virus related problems. To avoid this occurring, please take a few seconds to ponder it and understand whether it seems genuine and whether you were expecting this mail before clicking on it.

Not updating

It has been observed that we do not bother to update related to stuff like Windows or operating systems and other programs. This can make your computer vulnerable and make this a big security risk. The updates are designed to protect your computer and make it more efficient. By not taking a little time to update your computer, you are inviting a big loss.

Apart from the updates for your operating system you also need to focus on the plugins that are connected with your browser. As these pose some problems for security. Ensure that you have updated editions for your plugins.

Going for pirated music, films and even software

Doing any of the above will definitely put your system at risk. We are sure that you think you are saving a few bucks by going for the pirated version of software or enjoying music that is again not the original paid version, but you may not realize that it is going to cost you in the long run. Often these contain viruses, malware etc.

Not having a robust antivirus protection

If you are using a computer with Windows, then you are better off having a robust anti virus protection in place. This will prevent entry of most malware and viruses and regular scans will take care of any problems that may have entered your system.

Not being aware that you have downloaded software that is infected

Another vital thing that puts your computer in a vulnerable position is by not being aware that you have actually downloaded a software that contains viruses. To prevent this make sure you get it from a bona fide source and take the time to read all the prompts regarding what the program is installing in your computer.

A few simple steps, a bit of awareness and a lot of prevention will help you keep your system healthy. The best thing would be to have a effective and active virus protection software in place.