How easy to fix your iOS 8 Wi-Fi glitches


Following the recent launch of Apple’s latest operating system iOS 8 update, nearly half of the iPhone and iPad users have been facing Wi-Fi connection glitches.

According to the complaints made on Apple’s support forum, one user noticed sluggish Wi-Fi connection on an iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display, and iPhone 5S after upgrading to iOS 8. Another user reported the Wi-Fi connection to be intermittent on iOS 8 devices, and a third user said since the iOS 8 update, Wi-Fi  show a smooth performance and then slow to a crawl.

So, if you’ve fallen victim to any of these Wi-Fi issues, try these methods to fix the problem. Go to Settings > Reset > Reset Network Settings

Some users on the forum said resetting their network settings has helped speeds get back to normal. Others have found that diving into Privacy > Location Services > System Settings and disabling Wi-Fi Networking did the trick.

Hope the above tricks would fix your Wi-Fi issues until an exact fix for weird Wi-Fi launches in the next update.

Via: Gizmodo