How Smartphones are Hacking Your Life [Infographic]

For most of us, our smartphone is one of the most necessary staples in our lives. It holds our contacts, our emails, our Facebook and Twitter, and sometimes even our bank accounts. So it would seem absurd that anyone would go around without any basic home screen lock equipped. Well, unfortunately, 48% of people don’t have any passcode set. Even after the security of their phone has been compromised from it being lost or stolen, 1/3 of smartphone users have not upped the protection on their phone.

Whoever controls your phone controls your virtual identity. Mobile malware threats are way up 163% and more than 50,000 new threats have already been discovered and 21 million devices were infected in 2013. Delivery of mobile malware is tricky and smart. Mislabeled and repackaged apps, malicious URLs and SMS phishing scams are among the most popular. Of this malware, 32% of it is designed to collect and profit from a user’s personal information and 23% of it is designed with the intention of disabling the device altogether.

From butt-dialing to malicious mobile malware, there are so many threats to the safety of your mobile phone. Taking precautions isn’t hard and it could save your phone and your identity. Take a look at this infographic for more on phone security and what you can do to protect yourself.
How Smartphones are Hacking Your Life