How To Get Back Your Deleted Photos and Videos From Pen Drive

Summary: This post explains how to recover your lost or deleted photos, videos, and other types of multimedia data from the pen drive. It also highlights their probable causes and preventive measures to keep your data in the pen drive safe and secure. Read on.

You often store your important photos, videos, and other data files such as audios and texts in your pen drive. The reason being, the pen drives are one of the most easy-to-use data storage and data transfer devices. Its high data storage capacity and portability add to it’s being one of the most desired digital storage for all your valuable data. However, many a times, data in it gets lost somehow, deleted accidentally, or becomes inaccessible when your pen drive turns corrupt.

In case your data gets deleted, your pen drive shows an empty folder; however, the space appears to be occupied. On the contrary, in a situation of severe physical damage, the pen drive does not get detected when you connect it to your system. In such a situation of data loss, it becomes a necessity for you to get back all your important data, be it photos, audios, videos, or text documents.

But before you know how to recover your deleted photos, videos from your pen drive, let’s look at its probable causes and preventive measures we can take to curb data loss from your pen drive.

Data Recovery From Pen Drive

Reasons for Loss of Photos, Videos, and Other Data from your Pen Drive
Though there are several reasons for you being unable to access data from your pen drive yet we have identified a few common ones. They comprise both hardware and software issues:

  • Incorrect ejection of pen drive from the system
  • Attack by malware such as virus, Trojans, and other malicious codes
  • Accidental deletion of data that can be photo, audio, video, or text files
  • Faulty file systems the reason of which is connecting it to different systems
  • Formatting of the pen drive that leads to removal of all the files stored on it
  • Ignoring error messages that usually indicate that there’s something wrong

Measures to Prevent Pen Drive Corruption & Data Loss
Now that you are aware of the probable causes of corruption in the pen drive and data loss situations, you can take certain measures to prevent the same. The preventive measures are as follows:

  • Eject the pen drive from your system properly and in the right way
  • Be wary of accidentally deleting important files
  • Avoid inserting your pen drive in a virus infected systems or systems without a proper antivirus installed on it
  • Avoid formatting your pen drive until and unless it is a necessity, such as when you are not able to open the pen drive at all
  • Take proper action instead of ignoring the error messages that usually pop up indicating some or the other kind of fault in the pen drive

Note – Pen drive corruption and data loss from it cannot always be prevented. There are times when the preventive measures fail, and you encounter corruption in your pen drive in which you stored all your important data. Consequently, this leads to data loss situations thereby necessitating pen drive data recovery.

Pen Drive Data Recovery
When the question is about recovering deleted photos, videos from pen drive as well as the inaccessible data due to corruption in the pen drive you can either use a third-party pen drive recovery software or reach out to a data recovery service center.

  • Recovery by Software – There exists quite a number of pen drive recovery software that possesses the capability to recover lost, deleted, or inaccessible data, each offering different set of features and benefits. Some of them are EaseUS Free Data Recovery, Disk Digger, Zero Assumption Recovery, and Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery. However, all of them are bound by a common limitation, which is that the data cannot be recovered in situations if the pen drive cannot be detected. And, this happens if the pen drive suffers severe physical damages. Which brings us to the next option.
  • Data Recovery Service Center – You can also get all your data back by approaching a data recovery service center. There are various companies that provide data recovery services for damaged pen drives, among other types of data recovery. One of the notable one being Stellar Data Recovery. With its team of certified professionals, who skilfully recovers and restores your lost, deleted, or inaccessible data in its Class100 Clean Room, irrespective of the severity of the damage.

The Way Forward
Now that you have learnt about the two ways of recovering data from your pen drive, you can select and use the one that fits your needs and requirements the most. Stellar Data Recovery is a name to reckon with. With its 23+ years of industry experience in Data Recovery, Data Migration & Data Erasure, and highly skilled Professionals that it houses, Stellar Data Recovery is a class apart.