How to Go About Getting PSD to Email Template

 Since the web has become the most popular source of communication, marketing strategists can no longer afford to ignore it. Online stores and websites are no longer adequate to get customers. For added thrust companies now use emails to reach to a larger market base. As marketing becomes more and more interactive on the web, the need to master PSD to Email template has become imperative.  

 Emails are used for both marketing and non-marketing purposes. They are often the sole mode of communication (including administrative mails). In all such cases the email has to be customized and designed appropriately. Designing is essential for multiple purposes. It is essential for branding. It should have enough flair to leave an impression in the reader’s mind.PSD to Email template

For most designers Photoshop is the most popular medium in designing the mail template. The tricky part comes when you want to convert PSDto Email template. The template should not just carry all the relevant information but also transport thePSD files’ design faithfully. In addition, it must have cross-browser adaptability so that the reader can open the mail no matter which web browser he uses.

There are many elements involved in convertingPSDto Email template. It can often be trickier than otherPSDconversions. There are table-based and table-less coding, HTML coding and cross-browser tests.PSD to Email template

  • Decide your design: Given the many email service providers, deciding your email structure is trickier than you may think. In some cases the CSS may prove unreliable and so simple HTML tables may be your best bet.  Then again you may have to decide on the functionality of your design. Some PSD files have elements that can be hard to incorporate across various platforms, so when you convert PSD to Email template you may want to keep it simple and clean. However, when the design is important, you just need to pull up your socks and pay attention to detail.
  • Using PSD: Like most PSD conversions, when taking PSD to Email template you need to slice up your PSD and then create an HTML code for content and style.PSD to Email template
  • Structure: Your email structure will decide your entire HTML coding. The safest bet, as pointed above, is using tables. Whatever the content, all mails follow a general pattern and it is always better to stick to certain uniformity. For instance, place the thrust of the mail at the top. The logo must also appear at the top to ensure quick visibility, even on smaller screens. You may want to place multiple contents with more than one table. This may include a main table, typically placed on the left and a side-bar.
  • Margins and spacing: Again this is an irregular feature across various browsers. So you may need to cross-check once you finish. To be sure, define each element and specify your spacing and paragraph margins. To play safe you can use tables and table cells. Measure out your columns and gutters and give everything enough padding. This can be done by empty tables. Don’t forget to pad your images, logos and graphics as well. In most cases,CSS and HTML border will work.

This is a complicated process, made trickier by varying standards of email service providers. Some supportCSS, some don’t. Some will allow images, while others won’t. You will need to add external links to the client website as well.  The best option is hiring a professional to convertPSDto Email template.