Simple Steps to Hide the WhatsApp Last Seen Timestamp on your iOS and Android Devices

WhatsApp is one of the world’s best smartphone apps for obvious reasons. You are already aware of the news that Facebook recently bought the mobile-messaging startup WhatsApp with a bid for $19 billion. Anyway, this post is not about the big WhatsApp deal.

Sometimes you may not want others to know that you have checked someone’s message or not, but unfortunately, WhatsApp by default displays the time when you last used the app. It also doesn’t have an option to deactivate Last Seen within the app. But don’t worry; there are some tricks that are often employed to disable the WhatsApp Last Seen feature.

WhatsApp Last Seen Timestamp on your iOS and Android devices
Earlier, only iPhone users were lucky to have this option of hiding their last seen updates on the app. But now WhatsApp is all set to roll out the features across Android platforms.

There are two different methods for hiding the Last seen Time Stamp on your Android devices. The first is through installing an app and second one is manual method for those who don’t want to install another app.

Hide Last Seen timestamp on Android using ‘Not Last Seen app’

Not Last Seen is a simple app that restricts WhatsApp from updating your status about using the app.

How it works?

When you are using WhatsApp, Not Last Seen app automatically deactivates your Wifi connection and when you leave the WhatsApp screen, it automatically enables Wifi, it’s accurate and doesn’t keep you waiting.

  1. First, you need to download and install the Last Not Seen app directly from their website at this link as the app is not available with Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and you’ll see three options. Select Block Last Seen option.
  3. Now check your WhatsApp and you will notice that your Wifi connection is automatically turned off.
  4. Once you close WhatsApp, it will enable Wifi network of your cellphone.

Remember when you hide your Las Seen Timestamp from others, you will not be able to see theirs either.

Hide Last Seen Timestamp on Android manually

  1.   Disable your cellphone’s Wifi or data connection.
  2.   Open WhatsApp. Read and send messages.
  3.   Close WhatsApp, now activate Internet and Wifi. As soon as the Wifi network is restored, WA will synchronize with the servers and the messages will be sent without anybody coming to know the last time you used WhatsApp.

Hide Last Seen TimeStamp on iPhones

iPhone users who wish to change the Last Seen settings can follow these simple steps.

Go to Settings>Chat settings>Advanced. There you will see an option Last Seen Timestamp, turn off the option.

Once you modify the Last Seen Timestamp on WhatsApp for iPhones, it will not let you make any further changes for the next 24 hours. On the other hand, there are no such restrictions for Android devices. You can modify the settings as many times as you wish on the same day.